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Speed pipes electric rail car remote control luminous pipe car children’s educational stitching toys

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The Building Pipes Speed Track with RC Car is a custom course racing track which includes curved and straight pipes you use to craft. Make it as crazy, curved, and contorted as you want. Once you?ve erected your run, drop the racer into the tube and use your controller to blast the car through the insane cylindrical circuit.

Fast and furious: Zipes Speed Pipes is the first ever toy where vehicles speed through pipes instead of on top of tracks. Speed Pipes can be twisted any way you want them and connected around furniture, up stairways, and more. Add the light-up cosmic strobe balls to your Zipes vehicles so you can race into the night. Gravity optional: The speed and design of Zipes let you do things you never imagined possible in a racing set?including going vertical! To get started, add your car to the tube through the door in the starter pipe. Press down on your remote and your car will leap into action, darting around the tube in whatever direction you want.

Build your track as high as you can, and your car will still rocket to the top. You?ll love watching the racers navigate the seemingly-impossible track at breakneck speed. Fun assembly required: Creating your own race track is easy with the Zipes racing tubes. The plastic pieces snap together easily so you can quickly build the course of your choosing. When you?re ready for a new thrill, the tubes come apart so you can quickly reconfigure and watch the new result.

Racing after dark: As any car commercial will show you, there?s something undeniably cool about driving at night. Zipes is specifically designed for after-dark racing, with light-up cars and a motion-activated strobe ball that lights up as you push it around the track.

Reversible racing: The Zipes remotes don?t make you overthink your driving, freeing your mind to concentrate on the fun. The remote only has two buttons, which propel your car forward or backward (even switching between the two directions with impressive nimbleness). The cylindrical design of the track means you don?t have to worry about steering. 


Encourages visual-spatial skills, cause-effect learning, creativity, imaginative play
Experience track-racing like never before
Pipes can be configured any way you can imagine ? Up, down, around, and every which way
The vehicle is so fast it can climb up totally vertical pipes
The lights on RC Car (with remote control) will enhance the fun when you make the room go dark 

Toy material Plastic ability training Manual brain, interest training, intellectual development, parent-child exchange Is there an animation image?
Applicable age Old age (61+), infant (0-2 years old), juvenile (7-14 years old), middle age (36-60 years old), children (3-6 years old), youth (15-35 years old)
Remote control, handle, remote control, yes
3C configuration category Toys over 14 years old Color 27PCS, 37PCS

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