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RETRO GAMER 600 Classical Games

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Item type: Classic Game Console

Console size: 13*4.5*10cm
Color: Gray
Game Console: 8-bit, does not support game cards
Designed For: Professional System For NES
500 Games: Built-in 500 Childhood Classic TV Video Games


Games: Built-in 600 Childhood Classic TV Video Games

TV signal system: NTSC/PAL
TV status: A.V. / HDMI
Power supply: AC 110-220V
Plug type: US plug/EU plug
Controller: Dual wired controller
Group: Elite player
Material: Plastic

Package :

Box/without box

1x Game Console (Game Machine)
2x Game Controllers
1x AV/HDMI Out Cable for TV
1x Manual
1X AC electric power plug.
1X Game List

Additional information

Weight 4650--680.0 g



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