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Outdoor riding ski goggles

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Note the use of ski goggles details
1 * do not use direct contact with the hand
2 * ski course, please do not go because the ski goggles meet an oily substance, will not be easily cleaned
3 * ski goggles please do not often do the action of bend toughness will affect the life of ski goggles
3 * after skiing, please put a ventilated place, so dry handle and ventilated several hours
4 * ski goggles please do not wipe often, movie will hurt
5 * please put in the bag, save,
6 * please take care of the ski goggles, please do not hurt, will hurt the scratches
Environmental protection materials meet international standards to eliminate safety risks
1. Frame: TPU super toughness, all kneading, not easy to break;
2. Lens: PC plus hard processing, scratches wear resistant, anti-UV;
3. sponge: comfortable sponge with high density, effective facial tampon pressure;
4. elastic band: adjustable, stable and flexible
Can be used for riding, can also be used for outdoor play activities.

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Weight 1520--200.0 g

Transparentlens, Silver, Coloredlens, Brownlens, Luminouslens


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