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Humpback correction with breathable back correction belt correcting sitting unisex clavicle

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Colour: Black


Material Composite cloth, Velcro, leather

The HailiCare posture corrector brace features a simple 8-shape design, allows you to move freely without any restrictions whatsoever. People who need to sit all day during their work hours would suffer from poor posture and that will definitely bring hunched shoulders and headaches. Hailicare Brace posture brings in a simple and non-surgical way to relieve injuries and intense activity during everyday activities.

this product is recommended for people with low back pain sprains, strains and muscle spasms. With adjustable double clamping straps, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. It is available in natural black color and made of neoprene. Size is available in one-size-fit-all from 28 “to 36”. you should wear is every day for 15-25 minutes initially and then add 20 minutes a day.

over tightening the brace can cause excessive tension, to avoid these conditions and also not to use it for a long period of time. it should be used as a training tool to develop your posture to normality.

– Easy to wear, comfortable and breathable.
– Adjustable shackle for different sealing and more comfortable use.
– Made of comfortable materials and universal for the four seasons, providing users with the most comfortable experience.
– Stable support, effective correction and repair.
1. Name: Anti-Hump Correction Tape
2. Color: Black
3. Use: Avoid hunchback, correct and repair
4. Material: composite fabric, nylon
Packing List:
1 *Anti-Hump Correction Tape
1 *Instruction


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Weight 1020--198.0 g

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