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Hot sale, Gopro sports camera set 50 in 1

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Material: EVA, PC, ABS, stainless steel, nylon 

Product Type: Camera Accessories Set

Combination package list:1x large EVA camera bag, 1x 360 degree back clip, 3x long screw, 1x short screw, 1x buoyancy rod,
1x selfie stick, 1x octopus tripod, 1x chest strap, 1x wrist strap, 1x suction cup, 1x headband, 1x tripod adapter, 1x bike stand, 1x helmet extension, 1x helmet strap, 1x plastic wrench, 1x safety clasp , 1x magic strap, 2x J-seat, 2x adjustment arm, 3x curved base, 2x flat base, 3x curved 3M glue, 2x flat 3M glue, 3x movable base, 1x lens cover, 12x anti-fog.

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Weight 1280.0 g


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