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Eyebrow pencil

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Eyebrow pencil


100% brand new

Features: 24 hours waterproof, durable, easy to waterproof color, fine sketches, super durable tattoo feel.

Content: 13 grams
Size: 12 * 2 * 1.3 CM


For normal eyebrows:

Gently apply the outline of the eyebrows with a pen and continue to evenly color the last step of the shape drawing along the front of the interior to create vivid natural eyebrows.

For people with small eyebrows:

First, scan to define the outline of the eyebrows, and then define the eyebrows of the small areas;

Finally, use the pen to evenly fill the color at a 45-degree angle to create the perfect 3D eyebrows.


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Weight 100--30.0 g

Brown, Blonde, 2pcsBrunette, 3pcsBrown, 3pcsBlonde, Brunette, 2pcsBlonde, 3pcsBrunette, 2pcsBrown


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