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Little mouse, little mouse not stealing rice. I’m a cute little mouse, and a good friend of cats and cats! The big mouse looks cute and cute, and it’s versatile.

The pp of the big rat can be opened, convenient for the baby to drill out, can also be used as a cat tunnel play oh ~ imagine this scene, is not very funny ah

In the big mouse, it is quiet and warm, and it is safe for newborn babies and timid cats and dogs. It is also a special decoration at home

Both eyes, the mood is much better. Let’s have cats and cats.

Cute: mouse eyes are two little black ball toys. Since the shooting light relationship may not be obvious on the picture, dear friends notices


The mouse PP can open and make toys

The big holes in the rats’ heads were their eyes and, of course, the important passages for the babies to get in and out. Dark and liquid eyes are two fluffy ball ball,

is one of the cats like toy ~ away mice on pp zipper, convenient drilling drilled, babies’s moment becomes a cat tunnel, drill to drill to what of, za meow star people very like ~


Soft fur, warm and comfortable

All’s fur fabric, the ground hairball, good looks warm and comfortable, feels soft soft, feels very smooth, very comfortable feeling is what’s inside ~ have a built-in small cushion, fluffy soft

Soft, sleeping on top of a certain super enjoy the cushion and top are filled with a thick layer of spongy, soft and comfortable, warm effects super zan! Cats don’t have to worry about winter anymore



Material: fur + sponge, waterproof fabric bottom

Specification: 50 * 40 * 21 cm



1.Product are taken in kind, but because of lighting problems, pictures may have a slight chromatism.

2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of theitem. Please consider this before the purchase.

3.Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.

  • Product Name : Cat House – Mouse Shape
  • Weight: 0.54KG

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Weight 497.0 g


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