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Business Bluetooth Headset

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  • support 2 Bluetooth devices, handsfree calls, release user’s hands
  • Wireless Bluetooth, out of the shackles of the headphone cable
  • USB standard high-capacity interface, easy to charge
  • High-definition sound, suitable for phone calls and listening to music


(1)Main functions: Listen to music, Answer the phone, End calls, Reject calls, Last number re-dial, Three-position call

(2)Application of microphone noise reduction technology, reduce the ambient noise and background noise, giving users a clear and natural

talking experience

(3)Built-in lithium battery, support handsfree call for a long time, Standard USB interface,  can insert into the computer host port to charge or

use the usual charger to charge the headset,2 hours charging time make the battery full of energy

(4)Comfortable to wear, lightweight without weight sense, suitable for left and right ear

(5) directly display the Bluetooth power on the iPhone’s screen or download the [Find Myheadset] application software on the Android phone,

please note that some models do not apply to the power display, please note full charge at the first time.

How to connect the phone?s Bluetooth?

1. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, Automatically or manually search the Bluetooth device 

2. Click the name of the Bluetooth earphone, pairing to complete the connection, matching the success

3. Then, can enjoy the wonderful music, watch tv and make a call.

Additional information

Weight 850--87.0 g

WithLeatherBox, WithPlasticbox


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