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1L Silver Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Pot Teapot Removable Mesh Fliter W20

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Pot is mirror gloss finished,easy to clean.
Thickened flat bottom,sturdy and durable.
Spout is welded precisely and polished many times,no leaking.

It is a good quality teapot(coffee pot) which can be used at home, hotel, cafe, bar, restaurant, etc. Large capacity and fashion appearance.

1, Pot is mirror gloss finished, easy to clean.
2, Thickened flat bottom, sturdy and durable.
3, Spout is welded precisely and polished many times, no leaking.
4, There is an outlet of vapor on the lid, which can avoid pop-up when the inside pressure is high.
5, Tea leaves or other dross can be filtered, very convenient.

Capacity: 1L
Materiel: Quality stainless steel
Suitable for: Home, hotel, cafe, bar, restaurant.
Quantity: 1
Weight: 260g(1L)

Stainless steel tableware maintenance:
1, After a few times of use, there might be some smirch on the surface. Please clean it with soft cloth and cleanser.
2, Please do not scratch the surface when cleaning. Do not use cleanser that has abradant or bleaching compositions. Please do not use steel wool or other grinding tools.
3, Please do not use knife or other sharp tools to scrape it. If there are tea or coffee sticking on it, macerate with water and clean with wood or bamboo chip.
4, Never use baking soda as cleanser to wash it.
5, Please do not immerse it in water for a long time. Clean it and dry it timely.

Package includes:
1 x Stainless Steel Teapot (other items are not included)

Keep children away from teapot to avoid scald.


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